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Balfour and Hall Families

Although the Balfour's and Hall's have a shared mission, they have stories of their own.

Long-time resident of Crystal Lake, Fritz Hall, passed away in 2013.  Prior to his passing, he would ask his wife, JoAnn, and their two adult children, Jeffrey and Kimberley, to please do whatever possible to protect the Estate.  Although the similar names and initials of Fern Hall and Fritz Hall are pure irony, we believe it's a sign that Fritz's wishes in doing what is right for the Lake are being properly fulfilled.

The Balfour's also have a history at Crystal Lake... and beyond.  Adrian Balfour is originally from Ireland where he and his wife and Crystal Lake native, Melanie, continue to maintain a family farm.  Fern Hall once boasted a farm of its own, and thanks to the Balfour's and their experience as shepherds - that bit of nostalgia and quaint farm life will return as they bring a touch of Ireland back to Northeast PA.

Our Story

The Balfour and Hall families recently purchased the historic Fern Hall Estate in an effort to restore, revitalize and protect the property from possible development.

In addition to having rich histories at Crystal Lake and owning homes within walking distance to Fern Hall, both families share a fervent desire to protect the Estate and the natural beauty of the Lake.

Beyond the sprawling and picturesque grounds of the Estate, not only will guests view Elk Mountain Ski Resort, but they will also enjoy watching docile sheep graze on the lush property.

We hope that you enjoy being part of our journey as we continue efforts to restore the property to its once beautiful splendor.